L4 EL34 Signature Edition

Originally built a couple years ago as the first prototype for the new L4 design, this amp has been taken apart and put back together more times than I care to count.  It has been a testbed for just about every part, tweak, and mod that the new L4 has seen in its development, and as a rule, this particular amp has improved at every step.  What started off as a very nice amp is now approaching full awesomeness.  Just about everything has been tweaked along the way, from power supply components to coupling caps, and most recently, swapping out the old EI core OTs for C-cores.  Just when I thought I was done with this amp, Brian the Mad Scientist found a handful of Black Gates.  So, guess who’s got a date with the bench one more time?

Check out the beefy new C-Cores!

It’s a beast!

Sounds as good as it looks!