It’s official! Audiobuilder is moving to France!

I’ve been planning and waiting, but the news is officially in:  I’m moving to France for a year.  I didn’t want to jinx anything by getting overconfident early on, but the visa is in my passport now so I can announce it with only minimal fear 😉

I look forward to meeting some French audiophiles, amateur radio guys, and techie nerds in general.  I also look forward to having nothing better to do than to ride my bike 2 hours a day and drop another 20 pounds to get back to my high school weight!  Pyrenees, I will master you, but probably 8 months from now. 🙂

This site may become less build-oriented and more discussion-oriented over the next several months, and I hope my core repeat viewers will engage themselves and help me turn this site into a great source of audiophile knowledge.  That’s going to require you admitting your OCD audiophile failings at the same time as me!

Thanks for using my site as a resource for Audio Note Kits, and please help me turn it into a great source of information for all kit builders.  I’m thinking of putting up a discussion forum for ANK kit builders.  Please send me your feedback if you think this might be a useful feature.

Keep building, and enjoy the music!