Build Philosophy

The primary function of any piece of audio hardware is to reproduce great sounding music.  Audio Note Kits offers a wide range of very high quality audio gear-  there’s something in the product lineup for just about every set of ears out there.  The kits use very high quality components to ensure the best possible sound when the power is finally turned on and the music starts.

When you hire me to build your kit, my job is, first and foremost, to build the kit in a way that extracts every ounce of potential from the hardware.  That means building an amp that is electrically sound, from nice clean solder joints to proper grounding techniques to careful wire routing.  The chassis used by ANK are spacious by design, and I use that space to the fullest, keeping AC power wiring away from DC power wiring, and keeping signals far away from interference.

While sound is the primary goal, I take great pride in building gear that looks just as good with the cover off as with it on.  If you’ve looked at some of my build pictures you may have noticed that I believe in tidy construction.  I also try to keep an “organic” flow in the wiring and other components, wherever it won’t compromise sound.  I strive for an artistic appearance, a sort of electro-sonic sculpture;  I build amps that are neat, organized, and as visually pleasing as possible;  I am also happy to customize a kit according to the client’s tastes.wiring closeup