Hot off the bench: L3 phono

We have alot of well respected products at ANKAudioKits, but we never rest on our laurels.  We make refinements wherever we can, and this L3 phono is a great example of that process.  The L3 now ships with Takman metal film resistors in the power supply for great stability, and Takman carbons on the phono board for great sound.  Since Black Gates went out of production years ago and are now virtually impossible to find, we have moved to other excellent caps-  in this case Elna SILMIC caps, known for their excellent sonic performance.  The standard L3 also gets the Mundorf Supreme films which do a great job.  This particular kit got one non-standard upgrade-  funky star-quad cabling for the ultimate in noise reduction and interference rejection.l3 phono sidel3 phono angle