Exclusive – Kit 1 10th Anniversary edition!

If you’ve been to the AudioNoteKits website lately, you may have noticed that it’s our 10th anniversary this year.  There are lots of big changes in the pipeline (including the new web store which just went live) as well of lots of cool new gear.  In this post, I am officially leaking, à la Apple iPhone, what I think is one of the coolest products for this summer.  Ten years ago, AudioNoteKits started out with one product- the Kit 1.  As a celebration of this big birthday, ANK will be releasing a special edition 10th Anniversary Edition of the Kit 1.  I built prototype 001 yesterday, and I snapped a few pictures.Kit 1 10th frontKit 1 10th angleKit 1 10th angle2

As you can see, it has triple C-core OTs and uses only the finest parts, including the highly-evolved 3mm powder-coated aluminum chassis and the new copper insert plate.

I get to work with some of the finest audio equipment available on the market today and I’m not easily impressed.  When I stepped back and took a good look at this amp, I realized that I desperately want one in my living room.  I think this is a truly stunning piece of kit.  You saw it here first on audiobuilder.ca!