*New* L4 Remote Line

As promised, here are some pictures of the new L4 Remote-controlled line amplifier.  This line stage has Takman audio resistors throughout, as well as Elna SILMIC caps, and uses beautiful triple-c-core coupling transformers.  The remote system is a digitally managed shunt volume control and input selector; it uses audio-grade relays to select one precision Vishay resistor, which combined with one Takman resistor forms the volume control.  Having spent some time with one of the ANK remote line stages in my living room, I can tell you that once you get used to having the remote, you won’t want to go back! 🙂  The L4 Remote Line stage is a best-of-both-worlds solution for sonic performance as well as ease-of-use-  no compromises along the signal path.  It is simply fantastic, and it will spoil you!L4 remote front viewL4 Remote angle viewL4 remote display