Decked out HE-6 headphone amp

Here is one of today’s builds-  it’s a very customized version of the brand new HE-6 Headphone Amp.  As you can see, this new AudioNoteKits product sports triple c-core output transformers as standard.  This particular amp was built with Takman metal-film resistors, Audio Note tantalums, and Mundorf Silver/Oil coupling caps, as well as a Khozmo stepped attenuator.

The HE-6 amp is a very interesting product.  It was initially conceived as an ideal amplifier to drive the HiFiMan magnetic planar headphones, which require a lot more power than a typical headphone amp offers (on the order of several watts!)  This amp provides 9 watts, running pure class A.  Due to a cleverly designed, awesome triple c-core OT, it will also drive a pair of relatively sensitive speakers very nicely.  I’m fairly hard to impress, and listening on the shop Tannoys today, the music was breathtaking.Khozmo stepped attenuator